About Us

Affiliate Organizations:
Portuguese Instructive Social Club
P.I.S.C. Nova Mocidade
Rancho Danças e Cantares de Portugal
Escola Amadeu Correira
Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Knights of Columbus
Elizabeth Portuguese LIONS
​Elizabeth Youth Soccer

Portuguese American Govt. Ass. (PAGA)

Portuguese American Police Ass. (PAPA)

The Committee for 2020 is made up of the following:

Maria Almeida

Vice Presidents:
Sergio Granados

Manuela (Nela) Matos

Michelle S. Afonso
Carla Rodrigues DaSilva

Jannifer DaSilva Costa
Idalina Lopes

Public Relations:
Joaquim Martins

Nicholas Almeida
Rogerio Pestana

Parade Coordinator:
Jennifer M. Costa 

Pageant Coordinator:
Jacqueline Esteves

Golf Coordinator:
Manny Grova, Jr.

Wine Tasting Coordinator:

Jorge DaCosta

Immediate Past President:
Andreia Costa

Rainha 2019:
Lauren Canelo

Rei 2019:
Joseph Valente

Board Members:

Jubilo L. Afonso

Fernando Albuquerque

Isabel Bastos
Jose Carlos Brito

Tanya Canelo
Joe Capitao
Leonel Cardoso  
Benny Carvalho

Maria Z. Carvalho
Jose Castanheira
Fernanda Correia
Nelson Costa

Marie Costa
Fr. John Carlos DeSousa
Nancy Dionisio
Stephanie Goncalves
Alex Henriques
Jaime Lopes
James Lopes

 Stephanie Lopes

Joaquim Panara

 Jennifer Ramalho

Filipe Ramos
Tony Rodrigues
Steve Soares
Maria Cristina Torres
Maria Zacarias

The Portuguese Day Parade in Elizabeth, New Jersey is the oldest running Portuguese Parade in the State of New Jersey. Since 1978, each sector of the Portuguese community; organizations, clubs, non-profits and religious institutions come together to commemorate our heritage of distinction. Portugal Day is a cultural revitalization of our community and a demonstration of its force and ambition.

The Portugal Day Committee is made up of one representative from each of the Portuguese organizations within the City of Elizabeth and the surrounding areas. Each organization has its own mission and progeny to maintain, however a collaborated ideology is created through the combined efforts of uniting a strong Portuguese Community.

The Elizabeth Portugal Day Committee strives to maintain the Portuguese-American cultural ideals and customs through a celebration of our cultural heritage. More specifically, Portuguese Americans, children and families together, partake in races, fishing competitions, soccer tournaments, golf tournaments, community exhibitions, pageants and the finale of participating in the grand parade which takes place every year on the first sunday in June.

Maria Almeida, President 2020