Our Pageant

Luis Frech

Honorary Marshal - 2023

Luis Frech was born on December 21st, 1961 in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. His father, Jacobo Abraham Frech of Arab nationality and his mother Luisa Emilia Morales of Nicaraguan nationality. He studied at the Catholic school, Instituto Pedagojico La Salle. In 1972, he had to emigrate for the first time to the United States after an earthquake destroyed his native capital.

In that year, he continued his primary studies in San Francisco, California. A year later he returned to Nicaragua to continue his secondary studies. In 1978, a civil war broke out between a communist regime, The Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan government, forcing him to flee with his brothers and sisters to the United States once again. Upon his return, he settled in New Jersey and enrolled at Kean University. While being a student, he also worked for various architectural and design firms:
TAMS Engineers and Architects (Manhattan, NY)
James Guerra Architects (Elizabeth, NJ)
UTHENIC Interior Design and Space Planning (Elizabeth, NJ)

He is currently one of the three partners that make up Zen Architecture and Engineering, LLC. in the city of Elizabeth, NJ. His company has completed many projects throughout the east coast varying from residential to commercial scale projects. His company has provided services to the Portuguese community and has participated in different projects for Our Lady of Fatima Church in Elizabeth, NJ and the Portuguese Instructive Social Club.

Today he is an honorary member of the Portuguese Instructive Social Club in Elizabeth, NJ and active compadre of the Academia do Bacalhau de New Jersey. He is married to Patricia Reyes Thompson and they have three children: Eduardo, Abrahan and Patricia. Eduardo is a Kean University Alumni and presently works at Zen Architecture as a Project Manager and is a licensed realtor. Abrahan will be completing his Chiropractic Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractics in October of 2023. Patricia is an Alumni of Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Biology and is currently pursuing medical school.

Luis and his family have been long time supporters of the Portuguese community, a community in which they see as an extension of their family.